What Clients Say

Working with Cornelia over the last two years has helped me enormously on my life’s path. Cornelia has the ability to communicate clearly and is intuitive as well as knowledgeable. She is grounded, wise and compassionate. In our coaching sessions, she has helped me to clarify my goals, strengths and blocks, and has provided me with tools that have greatly supported and assisted my spiritual growth. Cornelia has integrity and is professional.  I consider myself very lucky to have found her as a mentor and a coach.
Pat V.

Cornelia gave me the space to find my own ground.  Her shining energy, great listening capacity, knowledge in dream mentoring, body work, sound therapy and life coaching made my vulnerability to growth so very powerful and successful.  She fed my soul, heart, body and mind with challenges and  exercises to assist me to a richer understanding of my self and my place in the world.  I am grateful every day for her presence in my life and look forward to the continued unfoldings available to me.
Louise H.

I believe part of the reason Cornelia is able to guide her clients to mental, physical and spiritual heights is the rooted place she occupies during the work. She is practical, organized and a talented teacher who establishes a safe container for energetic growth and a firm footing for client progress. She is the sure footed Sherpa who knows the mountain, the path and the client and makes it safe to explore the heights. I highly recommend her and am grateful to continue to learn with her.
Marilyn Brown

I am a 71 year old retired nursing instructor who has been dealing with Myalgic Encephalomyelitis for 21 years.  The 5 EEM sessions with Cornelia were significant in my healing process.  By the end of the 5 sessions I was feeling the best I had felt in 21years.  I felt that in each session I learned new tools to help me improve my energy flow. I appreciated your sensitivity and felt you were very in-tune with me and that you gave me helpful direction in how to work with myself.  You picked up on my areas of weakness with your testing and gave me exercises to strengthen various organs and meridians.  My strength and vitality improved session to session.  I loved the spinal flushes and how relaxed and resilient they made me feel.  I have had chakra sessions in the past, however had not felt the energy as strongly as I felt it during the session I had with you.  I also found it very helpful to have my supplements tested!
I do love to learn, and am very grateful for all the pointers and direction you gave me.  This makes me feel that I am better able to work with my own energy and healing.  I am also happy that you reminded me to dance every day as I had forgotten how much I love to dance.

Helen Moon

I immensely enjoyed developing new meditation and internal processing skills that I learned through Cornelia’s “Mindfulness Based Stillness Meditation” and “Soul Purpose Exploration” workshops. She has a unique and compelling ability to convey ideas that allow for my soul to grow via other facets.  Her professional demeanour coupled with a deeply connected spiritual energy makes exploring the inner self insightful and fun.  Cornelia is an extraordinary teacher that and has inspired me to reach for new stars. I am very fortunate to have crossed her shining path.”

“Cornelia is a truly gifted teacher and a joy to work with. Her precise understanding of anatomy and deep knowledge of yoga have enabled her to work me through rehabilitating a hip injury that had stumped several other professionals. Her teaching is always customized to my needs, abilities and temperament, and she has taken me further with yoga that I ever thought possible.”
Tamsin Bohnet

“Cornelia is warm and very intuitive.  She has asked insightful questions which often lead me to think about my life in completely new and different ways.  She has helped me to open my heart to love, to heal deep emotional pain, and to grow in many unexpected ways.  She is patient and non-judgmental and always incorporates humor and playfulness into ways.

“I have tried many different yoga instructors and nobody has inspired me to practice more than Cornelia.  Her wealth of knowledge and intuition as well as her sense of humor make her classes challenging and fun!  I trust Cornelia with my clients for yoga therapy, people who use yoga as part of their therapy program recover faster and prevent future injury.
Cornelia absolutely loves yoga and is always learning new techniques, I feel blessed we have her on Saltspring Island.”

These are expertly delivered practices.  One is transported to a higher plane than ever imagined.  This is a truly restorative experience.
Christina C.
author “Managing Your E-mail: Thinking Outside the Inbox”

Cornelia provides a safe and happy space to learn.  She gently challenges your self-imposed limits while providing a structured and supportive environment for learners at all levels.
Beth B.

“Cornelia is a very gifted and dedicated teacher in her fields of practice. Her sensitivity and awareness for each student’s needs is fully realized.  Her intuitiveness, combined with her strong background in training, makes her an outstanding instructor! “
Mary F.