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Mindful Dreaming January 10 to February 7 2018

This is a small group session, 5 weeks,

Our dreams often show us a view that is different from what we believe or are consciously aware of in our waking life.  Some dreams are vidid, emotional, and dramatic markers of a particular Journey stage.  Other dreams can be unclear; they may address multiple situations in our lives.
Part of the evening will review dream-work ‘best practices’.  The balance of the evening we will work our dreams.


Eden Energy Medicine ‘Foundations’ training in Victoria and Salt Spring Island commencing May 2018.

The EEM Foundations Classes are a one-year program of extensive study in the fundamentals of Eden Energy Medicine. You learn thoroughly how to use multiple energy systems in a beneficial noninvasive way. This year of classes will change your life. It is also the groundwork for those who wish to complete the EEM Two-Year Certification Program and become Eden Energy Medicine-Certified  Practitioners.

Foundations may also be used by professionals who want to integrate EEM into their existing practices including: MD, osteopath, naturopathy, and chiropractic, nurses, psychotherapists, acupuncturists, massage therapists, yoga instructors, occupational and physical therapists.

Care-givers are an important part of health care and can benefit physically and emotionally by using the methods they learn in Year 1 for themselves and those they support. The Foundations Year, is comprised of four classes each having 26 hours of instruction for a total of 104 hours of direct study & practice in Eden Energy Medicine. Classes meet quarterly and are followed by at-home mentoring and competency demonstrations between each class.

Salt Spring Island, B.C.  Eden Energy Medicine 1 year Foundation course schedule:

May 17th to 20th,  July 26th to 29th,  October 11th to 14th, and January (2019) 17th to 20th


Victoria B.C.  Eden Energy Medicine 1 year Foundation course schedule:

Vancouver  Eden Energy Medicine 1 year Foundation course schedule:


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Eden Energy Medicine Foundations Training curriculum