Eden Energy Medicine 1 year Foundation course 2018 /19

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Salt Spring Island B.C.

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Eden Energy Medicine ‘Foundations’ training in Salt Spring Island commencing May 2018.

The EEM Foundations Classes are a one-year program of extensive study in the fundamentals of Eden Energy Medicine. You learn thoroughly how to use multiple energy systems in a beneficial noninvasive way. This year of classes will change your life. It is also the groundwork for those who
wish to complete the EEM Two-Year Certification Program and become Eden Energy Medicine-Certified  Practitioners.

Foundations may also be used by professionals who want to integrate EEM into their existing practices including: MD, osteopath, naturopathy, and chiropractic, nurses, psychotherapists, life coaches, acupuncturists, massage therapists, yoga instructors, occupational and physical therapists.

Care-givers are an important part of health care and can benefit physically and emotionally by using the methods they learn in Year 1 for themselves and those they support. The Foundations Year, is
comprised of four classes each having 26 hours of instruction for a total of 104 hours of direct study & practice in Eden Energy Medicine. Classes meet quarterly and are followed by at-home mentoring and competency demonstrations between each class.

Victoria B.C.  Eden Energy Medicine 1 year Foundation course schedule 2017/2018:

May 4th to 7th,  July 20th to 23rd,  October 12th to 15th, and January (2018) 4th to 7th

Salt Spring Island, B.C.  Eden Energy Medicine 1 year Foundation course schedule 2017/2018:

May 11th to 14th,  July 27th to 30th,  October 19th to 22nd, and January (2018) 18th to 21st

Greater Vancouver, B.C.  Eden Energy Medicine 1 year Foundation course schedule 2017/2018:

May 18th to 21st,  August 10th to 13th,  November 2nd to 5th, and February (2018) 1st to 4th

“In every culture and in every medical tradition before ours, healing was accomplished by moving energy.” Albert Szent-Györgyi, MD 
Nobel Laureate in Medicine

Eden Energy Medicine Foundations Site

Eden Energy Medicine Foundations Curriculum


Mindful Dreaming – Weekly Dream Group

Wednesday evenings, ongoing




Several past Courses are listed.

Mindfulness / Meditation for Business and the Boardroom – September
Business Leaders and Entrepreneurs will benefit from opening the mind to invite insight, imagination, and ‘break-through’ solutions.

•    Understand current brain research which identifies how access to greater brain function is enhanced through various types of meditation.
•    Learn to be neutral with ‘events’ and ‘problems’.  Learn skills to stay ‘open’ in times of high stress, accessing greater, rather than less, mental capability.
•    Practice several meditations techniques.
•    Explore ‘stillness’ as a means of accessing new ideas, and solutions.

These practices give access to more of the brain.  You are able to operate at a higher intellectual and emotional level.  Meditation literally makes you smarter, and happier.  This workshop is designed for individuals who are required to be ‘high functioning’ at all times.  $350 for weekend, early bird, $260

Past / Future Events:

Reducing Life’s Stress & Establishing Your Rhythm for Vitality – May 2015

Learn profoundly life changing skills in a relaxed setting.

•    Understand the impact of stress on mental capability and physical health.
•    Identify your own ‘stress personality’, and the ‘stress personality’ of those with whom work.  Identify your ‘tell’, and learn techniques to reduce stress before it becomes harmful.
•    Understand adaptive & toxic stress, and learn techniques to release toxic stress.
•    Explore life-style habits that will reduce or eliminate an unhealthy stress response.

Anyone who is ready to meet their own ‘stress response’ habits, understand the multi-fascinated nature of stress in today’s world, and is open to establishing new patterns to shift from stress-management towards enhanced vitality, will benefit from this multi-skill-based workshop.  $350 for weekend, early bird, $260

Tools for Living – Energy Medicine, Mindfulness, and Movement – May 2015
This workshop combines skills from Energy Medicine, Meditation/Mindfulness studies, and Movement practices.  The weekend is fun and full of easy to apply wisdom.

•    Learn many of the basic techniques of Energy Medicine.
•    Understand the relationship between our body, mind, and emotions.
•    Explore emotional/physical patterns using new skills.
•    Practice ways to clear blocks, fatigue, congestion, unwelcome emotions, and thoughts.

If you are interested in learning the skills to make you more ‘self reliant’, and ‘personally powerful’ this information is for you.  When we understand, and have some measure of control, over our physical, mental, and emotional tendencies, we increase our strength and confidence.  $350 for weekend, early bird, $260

The Way of the Embodied Mandala  –  A Healing workshop for Women

Loosen and Release long held contractions that have resulted in self-limiting thoughts and behaviors…Restore vitality, energy and inner calm…Decrease anxiety and depression …Embrace and accept all aspects of your embodied self….
In this workshop is part of an evolving set of embodied mandala workshops that we are giving.  In this phase we move deeper into to full experience of ‘holding center’ in ourselves -symbolically represented as mandala.  We also experience the collective mandala of our healed earth.  As before, we will use Movement, Body Awareness, Focusing, Mandala Making,  and Group Process to restore our awareness of, and connection to, our deepest healthiest self.

Into the Bardo,  Summer 2017
This 1 day workshop explores the great opportunity many of us are having of ‘re-birthing’ in this life-time.  To succeed we must face deep fear and resistance, even a sense of ‘energetic’ death.  The outcome is a new vital energy, joy, power and purpose.