Energy Treatments

Somatic Inquiry, Eden Energy Medicine, EFT, Yoga, Tuning Forks & Sound Therapy, work with deep body knowing.  Our bodies are wise.  Our bodies have long memories, and house gateways to understanding, freedom and joy.  Sometimes we access and shift ‘pre-verbal’ templates.  Sometimes, we release old shock, confusion and sorrow.  Sometimes we engage natural joy and resilience.

I train, and ‘way-show’, movement practices that release past trauma and increase the experience of reliable ‘direct knowing’.  In the process the body becomes stronger and gains resilience.

Yearly I teach the ‘Foundations Program’, for Eden Energy Medicine.  This is for individuals wanting to train deeply and integrate Donna Eden’s techniques with an existing skill, or wishing to work with friends and family.  Completion of the one-year program allows you to complete year 2 and gain EEM certification.  This coming year classes begin in May, see the upcoming events page.

I also work with sound.  I use tuning forks, the symphonic gong, and other vibration tools.

I encourage greater and greater connection with earth energy.  We learn a great deal coming into regular, close, relationship with nature.

The above approaches to embodied wisdom vary by individual.

Somatic Inquiry, Eden Energy Medicine, Yoga, Deep Body Wisdom

Embodied Wisdom