Cornelia J. Krikke

Cornelia J. Krikke

I have been gifted with many great teachers over the past 30 years.  Some I worked with for extended periods, others just briefly.  What follows is a partial list.  I have a MA – in Transpersonal Studies – focusing on coaching and mentoring, from Atlantic University, and a MBA from University of Western Ontario.

I have trained with Donna Eden and David Feinstein, and am Certified as an Eden Energy Medicine (EEM) Practitioner and am part of the Teaching Faculty as a EEM Foundations Teacher.

I was certified in Ashtanga Yoga at Downward Dog in Toronto, thank you to Dianne and Ron.  I studied Anusara repeatedly with Desire Rumbaugh, and was certified in Kundalini with Gurmukh Khalsa in Rishikesh India.  I am trained in meditation techniques from multiple traditions. I am certified in Spiral-of-Fifths Sound Therapy in Virginia.

My Jungian work started with the Toronto Jungian society, I have studied Mindful Dreaming techniques for 8 years with David Gordon and Dani Vedros in Virginia.  I have traveled and studied with Mayan Elders and worked with the energies of that paradigm.  Ten years were spent as a student of metaphysics with Kenneth Mills.

I carve stone, draw insights, dreams and visions.  For 5 years I showed regularly at the Women’s Art Institute in Yorkville Toronto.  Now I show in Virginia or at my home studio on Salt Spring.  I trained at the Haliburton School of Arts, Avenue Road Art School and have taken countless workshops.

In my life I have seen and continue to experience, the process of burning away the dross to stand in authenticity.  This is what I seek to enable for others.  Now I train clients to apply multiple techniques and principles for deep healing, for navigating life transitions, to clear blocks and to achieve sustainable happiness through self-transformation.

As I focus on supporting individuals during times of growth and change, meaning-finding, and healing is an intricate part of the process.  I work with individuals and groups.

The training I offer is based on my own path of healing and change and what I see as effective in working with the clients who I have taught, seen and mentored for the past twenty years.  I have worked with lawyers, artists, writers, business people, all manor of souls who have come to places in their lives where they finally said, “Enough!, I want to live a free life in harmony with the deep energy that I recognize as my true nature”.

In some ways this is spiritual practice, but not a spiritual practice of mind, learning, methodology, or system.  Rather this is an encouragement to experience all of life as sacred,  connected and ultimately playful.  As we shift our platform toward wholeness, each part of our nature shifts.  It is because of the multiple aspects of our being that I offer a collection of mind, body, nature, creativity practices.

The gardening analogy is useful, as I encourage us to cultivate our own development.  Nurturing our essence, our gifts, and our ‘authenticity’, we strengthen our ability to feel what is true and thus we pull ownership away from ‘projection’, home to ourselves and our own woven connection with the universal creative matrix.

Responsibility, ‘Self-care’, and mastery come from attending to the multi-faceted details of our lives.    I offer tools for tending the various aspects of our nature, and thus experiencing spirit more fully embodied.  In effect, our responsibility is simply to till the garden, creating the best environment possible for the soul to express its ray of the universal light.

Prior to working as I do now, I fulfilled senior roles in the corporate world.  I was a leader in finance, consulting, hospitality and education.