I focus on supporting individuals during times of growth and change.   Meaning-finding is an intricate part of the process.  My qualifications include an MA in Transpersonal Studies, an MBA, Certification in Eden Energy Medicine, Yoga Certificates, Dream Teaching and assorted other training.

I think of what I offer as training more than coaching or mentoring.  I want clients to lean skills and practices that they can rely on throughout their lives.  I want us all to feel capable to help ourselves both in dealing with the challenges of daily life and in feeling we are living a meaningful life – that we are content, happy and doing what we are meant to do on earth.


The techniques and tools that I share are ones I have used on my own journey and continue to use daily.  Most are also ‘best-practices’ from a variety of modern and ancient traditions.  For example, in functional MRI’s, the types of meditation I teach are shown to have fast and lasting impact on our brains – bringing clarity and calm.

I believe that most of our work is about learning to find and maintain a clear centre, surrender our thoughts and rely more on intuitive connection.  With intuitive connection we can listen and feel the promptings towards ‘what wants to happen next’, rather than what we ‘think’ we should do.   These are easy things to say but very hard to achieve.  I am still practicing.