Energy Balancing through
Coaching and
Creative Soul Alignment
Eden Energy work
Yoga and Movement For Freedom and Grace

These are beautiful and profoundly useful techniques

Transformative-practices is dedicated to supporting people in times of major personal change.  Our world is spinning faster and faster.  We each are learning to dance with ourselves and the energy of the times.  

I incorporate traditional Coaching, Guided Meditations and Visualizations, Dream Work, inspired yoga, Energy Work, Spiral of Fifths Sound Protocols and Creative Expression.  These practices support:

Soulful, meaningful, engagement of life
  • Joy
  • Physical strength and emotional health
  • Personal growth
  • Mental clarity
  • Understanding
  • and Peaceful living
Ongoing Yoga, see yoga page.  New August Class - Monday Kundalini

Next workshops:

Early August 16th & 17th - 10:00 am to 4:00 pm - two days
EM101/102 Classes - limited number for great learning

Would you like to learn the basics of Eden Energy Medicine (EEM) in a fun, supportive environment? If so, these two classes are for you! They are straight forward, easy, and full of information to help you take better care of yourself and others.

Taught sequentially, EM101 and EM102 are each one-day classes that cover many of the key topics from Donna Eden's award-winning book, Energy Medicine. The information you gain from these two classes will help you feel and be your best.

EM101 introduces EEM basics plus many topics for self-care and healing.  There is a quick Daily Energy Routine that will have your energies humming in no time, plus ways to feel more grounded and centred are explored.  EM101 also teaches ways to Clear Lymph, Balance Meridians, Strengthen Aura, Improve grounding, and Reduce Stress and Strengthen Resilience.

EM102 picks up where EM101 leaves off.  There are techniques for Pain Management,  Stress Pattern Change, Eye Care, and Substance Testing.  There is also a hands-on practitioner protocol taught.  The protocol can be added to body-worker tool kits or used with friends and family.   Each participant will give and receive a wonderful EEM session that balances and calms their energy. 

Courses include a detailed notebook with the material covered.

I am an authorized EM101/102 teacher. 

$135 each

Late August 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm
Five Elements - a Somatic Exploration
In this three-hour interactive workshop, the Five Elements, as representative of the non-material aspects of being, are experienced in a playful and natural way. Attention is given to the ‘transfer of virtue’ along the flow cycle. Drawing on various embodied wisdom traditions, including yoga, we will:
-Explore embodied virtues of the yin and yang officials of each element,
-Understand and chart the movement between elements, as part of each individual’s process of recognizing separation from, and navigating return to, ‘Essential Nature’ and Unity,
-Learn to call on virtues as needed or appropriate,
-Learn to identify with the ‘center’ of the 5 element circle – where the light of consciousness resides.

The principles and somatic experienced covered in this workshop incorporate EEM principles. This is an opportunity to explore the embodied/psycho/spiritual applications of EEM. I have drawn on EEM, TCM, Yoga, transpersonal practices, and Five-Element work. Taking this seminar will assist individuals in EEM with embodied understanding, and with other aspects of personal growth.  It will also be joyful.


Call to register - (250) 538-0196
Cornelia Krikke-Allison

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